SMartWalks is the brain child of three good friends and avid walkers. Since working together in the early 1990s the friends have remained close, even when work, family and studies made it difficult for them to spend much time together. Trying to stave off the inevitable spread associated with approaching 40, the three decided to start walking together each month. During these walks, they began discussing projects they could do together. The desire was to create a fun, Dave Gorman-esc, project somehow involving art, tech and walking.  Various ideas were suggested and rejected, but the seeds of SMartWalks were being sown. Fast forward three months and a route had been drawn, the language of the restreet had been created, twitter had been mined, original art pieces created and the SMartWalk magnets ordered.


About SMartWalks


artistic director              Alban Low

wondering wanderer     Harvey Wells

head of digital media      Darren Atkinson

follow us                           @SMartWalks

 ALBAN LOW | Artistic Director | @albanart
 HARVEY WELLS | Wondering Wanderer | @ProfHzA
 DARREN ATKINSON | Head of Digital Media | @BSFDarren

Darren is a freelance consultant and the Director of Catalyst Connect.  Darren has been involved in the interface between learning and digital media for over a decade.  He is particularly interested in the current developments in social media and how space is used in education.  Darren is a fan of all things Apple and is on the cutting edge of developments in social technology.  Darren is also a keen photographer and he is always on the lookout for picture opportunities. He has the remarkable ability to retain his attention for up to 140 characters, but anything beyond that is stretching things.

Harvey professes to be an intellectual and an academic, without any convincing evidence of either.  He has been doing his doctorate for the past ten years and has been ‘almost finished’ for at least eight of those.  He is currently amassing a collection of postgraduate degrees, but we suspect these have been purchased online.  Harvey contributes little to the SMartWalks project other than a keenness for walking and a few quick-witted insults aimed at other SMartWalkers.  He does have an impressive pair of hiking boots that has attracted the repeated attention of some German cyclists.

Alban has been combining images and text in his ‘Letters’ series for the past 10 years.  This work formed the basis of his work turning people’s tweets into art.  This work has been successfully exhibited in various locations across the UK and US, and has inspired similar exhibitions across the world. Alban is always on the lookout for metallic surfaces to display his work on.  Alban is a connoisseur of fine wine, but his favourite drink is Goldstrike, a cinnamon flavoured schnapps.